The Autodesk® Make It Real Challenge gave schools a chance to win makerspace tools. Join the conversation around making by exploring #AutodeskMakeItReal.

Congratulations to the winners

These schools inspire with their creativity and have sparked a conversation about maker education. We look forward to seeing what they make next.

Grand Prize winners:

Jim Bridger Middle School

North Las Vegas, NV

With their “super maker teacher” leading the way, Jim Bridger Middle School students creatively showed the many ways that they would utilize the tools in the contest to enhance their learning.

Paradise Intermediate School

Paradise, CA

The educators and students at Paradise Intermediate demonstrated their strength and incredible maker mindset by making with what they have available.

Brighton High School

Brighton, MA

Students at Brighton High School represented the maker spirit as they showed us their design thinking process through their video and then separately through an in-depth, student-led discussion at their school around the benefits of making.

Killingly Intermediate School

Killingly, CT

Tapping into the nostalgia of Ferris Bueller, the staff and students at Killingly Intermediate School demonstrated how they are currently making with common objects like cardboard, and how the toolset provided would help foster a learning environment no one would want to skip.

Honorable Mentions:

Boston Latin Academy Boston, MA

The creative students at Boston Latin Academy talked like pirates to share how their school is already showcasing the maker spirit.

CLK Elementary School Calumet, MI

Innovators at the CLK Elementary School shared how they used making to help solve real world problems that community members faced.

Dr. W. J. Creel Elementary School Melbourne, FL

Students and educators in Dr. W. J. Creel Elementary School engaged in a lively discussion to share how making would benefit their school population.

Gonzales Middle School Gonzales, LA

Through some impressive stop motion animation, a student at Gonzales Middle School explained how making can be a tool for change in their school.

Joseph P Tynan Elementary School Boston, MA

Students at Joseph P Tynan Elementary School inspired us with their inclusive, student-centered outlook and their dreams of building a sensory wall in their school.

Mother Caroline Academy Dorchester, MA

At Mother Caroline Academy, students roleplayed in order to demonstrate how maker education benefits individual learning outcomes.

Pittsburgh Langley K-8 Pittsburgh, PA

In their entry, making was demonstrated as a key component of addressing innovation opportunity gaps for Pittsburgh Langley students.

Trenton High School Trenton, Ontario

Catching a case of "Creativitis", members of the Trenton High School community shared how making can have a big impact on students and teachers alike.